My name is David Sheppard. I am a literary theorist, researcher and experimentalist exploring natural and psychic phenomena as they relate to storytelling and sleep. I hold a BS from Arizona State University and an MS from Stanford University. I also studied creative writing and American Literature at the University of Colorado. I have written eleven books, both fiction and nonfiction including the following:

My poetry has appeared in The Paris Review and in England (The 1987 Arvon International Poetry Competition Anthology judged by Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney). While living in Colorado, I was a member of the Rocky Mountain Writers Guild for seven years, participated in its Live Poets Society and Advanced Novel Workshop, and chaired its Literary Society. I founded a novel critique group that lasted ten years. I have attended the Aspen Writers Conference in Colorado and the Sierra Writing Camp in California. I have taught Novel Writing and Greek Mythology at New Mexico State University at Carlsbad in the Continuing Education Department. I have traveled throughout western Europe and am an amateur photographer and astronomer.

I grew up in California and have lived in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, and currently reside in Healdsburg, California. I have worked as a farmer, bank teller, electronics technician, combat crew member on ICBM’s, aerospace engineer, library assistant, and taught astronomy at NMSU-Carlsbad. My thirty-year aerospace career included work on the Viking Project which landed the first robots on Mars, and many Space Shuttle related projects. On the international Shuttle Earth-Imaging Radar (SIR-C), I was the liaison between NASA and the European Space Agency, working primarily with German and Italian aerospace companies. For three years, I was one of JPL/NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors. I am a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I served eight years in the US Air Force during the Vietnam era, both in the enlisted ranks and as an officer. My greatest love is ancient Greek mythology and religion. I have been reading the writings of Carl Jung for over twenty years. I was in psychotherapy for almost five years. I am single and have two grown kids.